9% Stable Cash Flows with Mortgage Present Investing—Episode 366

9% Stable Cash Flows with Mortgage Present Investing—Episode 366

Landlords procure rent payments. “Lienlords” procure mortgage payments.

Be taught easy methods to compose a movement of mortgage payments by owning the brand (an IOU).

I uncover you why banks would sell mortgage notes.

Be taught the adaptation between performing and non-performing mortgage notes.

Bob Fraser from Aspen Funds joins us to uncover us extra.

Fewer debtors defaulted on their mortgage payments in-pandemic as a consequence of forbearance.

Be taught why a financial institution will sell you a mortgage brand at a cut price.

What occurs when a borrower stops paying their mortgage.

There are either first lien or 2nd lien positions to capture. You wouldn’t demand this, but 2nd liens can in most cases be higher as a consequence of their deep discounts.

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